How to Know if a Workplace Suits Your Personality

18 Aug, 2023

Just when you think you’ve stumbled onto the perfect place to work, you realise that none of your values truly line up with this business and your aspirations fall flat. 

They may pay well but do they value your free time? Perhaps they’re close to home but don’t allow for flexible working arrangements? There are all kinds of things to weigh up when you’re job hunting and it’s not all about trying to impress the new boss — they should impress you too. 

MP Training & Recruitment loves matching businesses with job seekers, and we know what can happen when something isn’t quite right for one or both parties — a very short tenure! That’s why our training and courses are perfect for people looking to level up their professional life.

If you’re looking for a new job that will actually match your values and personality, get in touch and learn what to look for on the hunt. It may just save you from getting stuck in a position that doesn’t quite fit you right. 

Growth Appetite

As you get on the hunt for a new job, you should come to understand how aspirational you intend to be once the role is secured. Do you plan on starting from the bottom and working your way up? Or are you content to solidify a role without much chance of promotion. 

There is no wrong answer. There is only a job that suits your preferences right or wrong. Take the time to assess how you’ve felt in previous jobs and whether you were hungry for more or happy with the certainty of your day-to-day. 


There’s no harm in seeking a little extra on top of your salary. This may come in the form of a monthly morning tea, or some extra annual leave around the holidays. 

Many businesses go the extra mile and install ping pong tables or slushie machines without considering what their staff really needs to succeed. Ask the right questions in your application process to gauge what the business does to keep its employees inspired. 

If you don’t need much inspiration and feel content with the role itself, then great! Your job hunt may be a little easier. 

However, if your chosen field doesn’t lend itself to a great level of excitement, then you may want to find a workplace which supplements them with some fun perks. 

Come up with a wish list of perks that your ideal workplace would offer. A pet-friendly office, annual golf day, or a personal parking permit are all common ones you may feel inclined to seek out.

Communication Preferences

This will vary greatly depending on your field of work. Taking the average office job as an example, some people like to tuck themselves away and get work done independently without distraction. Conversely, others will enjoy a range of collaboration and communication to keep the days interesting and entertaining. 

If you can score a trial shift at your chosen workplace, you’ll want to gauge how the company communicates and if it feels conducive to productivity. 

This point is even more important if the business allows for remote work — do they require constant communication to believe that you’re actually working, or do they trust you to get things done without any micromanagement?

We highly advise that you avoid any jobs which don’t suit your preferences (if you can help it), as communication is key and mismatched styles will soon wear you down. 


Speaking of remote work, this has become an important consideration for many job seekers in the post-COVID world of work. 

As people move further from city centres, preferring instead to find those wide open spaces, remote work is almost a non-negotiable for some job seekers. 

However, not every business will be so flexible, and this point of friction can be a deal breaker for some applicants. 

Consider how important remote work is to you and whether it is a feasible perk in your chosen field. If so, discuss with MP Training about the possibility of finding a remote or hybrid role.

Contact Us to Learn More

We consider ourselves the regional experts in matching job seekers and employers, having built a network of connections across industries and locations.

To find a job that matches your personality, get in touch with one of our friendly team and we’ll put you on the path to the most fulfilling jobs on the market.

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