How to Know If You’re Employees Are Happy

19 Jun, 2023

Since Australia’s resignation rate rose to a 10-year high in 2022 (9.5%), it has become important for employers to gauge how satisfied their employees really are. 

It’s one thing to see smiling faces in the office, but there is a difference between camaraderie and job satisfaction. 

As experts in permanent recruitment, MP Training & Recruitment has become highly skilled in recognising workplaces that value their employees and put every measure in place to keep them happy at work. 

If this article doesn’t satisfy your need for knowledge, get in touch and our team will give you further pointers to improve your company’s morale. 

Tidy Work Area

Cleanliness says a lot about a person’s respect for the workplace, as a satisfied employee will have the company’s best interests at heart. 

If people are leaving rubbish around, leaving broken equipment unreported, or even coming to work unclean, this may be a sign that they have lost any care for company property or their perception in the workplace. 

Every person’s standard of cleanliness may be different, so it is important to know your employees well and recognise if they drop below their own standards. 

Speaking up and caring about the company

Another way that employees can show care for their company is by actively contributing to the business’s output and working to alleviate any obstacles that come up around the workplace. 

If an employee is highly engaged in goings-on of the company, you can be sure that they are invested in its success and see themselves working there for the long-term. 

Try to re-engage quiet employees with tasks that they might enjoy or respond well to – another task that will require empathy and an understanding of how each employee works best. Not every employee will respond well to being singled-out in a meeting, of course, while others may jump at the opportunity to express their opinion. 

Proactive Collaboration

Satisfied employees strive to do better and will uplift those around them in doing so. You’ll see happy employees working to bring others to their level of satisfaction because they want the best for the company. 

If you notice an employee has siloed themself and rarely interacts with other employees, it’s possible that they are disinterested in creating the connections necessary for a thriving work environment. They may be disengaged from the success of other departments and are simply scrolling job boards in their down time. 

Always Seeking Professional Development

Another positive example of proactivism is when an employee is regularly asking for professional development opportunities. These may be internal opportunities to learn from superiors or they could be short courses and seminars to learn from industry experts. 

Whatever the case, any employee that’s bugging you for development is the kind you want to keep around – learn to appreciate their eagerness and channel it into productivity for the business. 

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