How to Prep Yourself Before an Interview

13 Nov, 2023

Job interviews can be the most nerve-wracking process of securing a new job, but good preparation can help you nail them every time. 

All it takes is a good understanding of what you want and knowing what the company needs. Plus, being well-dressed and punctual doesn’t hurt either. 

As local experts in recruitment and professional development courses, Melbourne-based job seekers are turning to us for a rural career change.

So if you need advice on how to approach your next job interview, you can trust this blog and our expert team to lead you on the path to professional success.

Review job description

Before you tie that tie, Google the address, log onto that Zoom call, or even apply for the job, make sure you fully understand what the job description is asking of you. This understanding will help you to deliver a confident performance in the interview. It will also give your potential employer an accurate representation of your true character.

Ask yourself if the hours are flexible enough for your liking. How much teamwork will be required? Will the work be self-driven? How will you measure success and what will the bosses be expecting? 

Assuming you were happy enough to apply for the job and secure an interview, consider how many of these questions have already been answered in the job description. Then consider how much information you still need before signing a fresh new contract. 

Have questions prepared

Even the most succinct and well-written job description will struggle to include every piece of crucial information, so there are bound to be some questions left on your mind.

These might include the salary, the working arrangements, the reason for the job opening, how much creative freedom you will have, and what opportunities you’ll be given for professional development. 

Of course, these questions will apply more or less to your situation depending on the role and industry. If you need suggestions for questions that are tailored to your job hunt, make sure to consult with one of our trusted advisors. 

Cliche interview questions

It may be the most overused interview question in history, but your strengths and weaknesses are still of interest to employers. This isn’t because they’re particularly interested in the specifics of your answer, but more importantly to check if you’re self-aware. 

Someone who coherently explains their strengths and weaknesses is clearly aware of how they can improve and maximise their productivity. This is the ideal candidate for any employer. 

Don’t waste too much time listing a number of weaknesses that simply worsen your chances. Instead, name one or two before explaining how you’re actively working on improving in these areas.

Understand your own needs

If you work best in a collaborative and close-knit team, let them know. Enquire about the team’s culture and how you might fit into it personally and professionally. 

You don’t need to be best friends with your colleagues, but you do need to work well together no matter your interests outside of work. 

If you sense that a company has a culture of uber-productivity, but you know you work best in a casual and friendly environment, make this known. There’s no use forcing yourself into a position that doesn’t suit you or the company. 

This is an extension of the self-awareness mentioned above. The best interviewee and employee is one who knows what they need, then goes and gets it without hesitation. 

Contact us today

Job interviews and job seeking can be a daunting experience for many. That’s why we’re here to support you in your journey to a new and exciting career. 

If you need to refine your interview skills, we’re ready and waiting to hone them with you. Get in touch today and discover your dream job tomorrow!


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