How to Upskill and Stand Out to Employers

30 Mar, 2023

There are very few industries and occupations where roles aren’t continually evolving to include new technologies, regulations, or workloads. 

In fact, LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Learning Report found that “skills sets for jobs have changed by around 25% since 2015. By 2027, this number is expected to double.”

So, it’s important for job seekers to keep agile and up-to-date with the latest trends, or else risk looking out of touch in your next job interview. 

For this reason, there are agencies like us who specialise in recruitment, courses, and general employee support to turn you into a sure thing. 

Accredited Training

MP Training & Recruitment is a Registered Training Organisation. This means anyone who successfully completes the units within our Training Packages can earn a nationally recognised qualification.

This is the kind of thing that employers love to see and job seekers can be proud to present. 

We offer Certificate III training in business, Disability Support and Early Childcare. 

These are just some of the specialist areas in which you can upskill, depending on your interests. However, if your upskilling interests are in more general areas such as computer training, professional development, customer service, or something else, there are various short courses available too.

Whether you think you’re an expert or an amateur, there is always something to be learnt from a short course in these areas. You also gain the opportunity to learn from your peers and network for opportunities in your field. 

Virtual Conferences and Networking Events

Whether you prefer to get out and about or you’re more of a homebody, there is opportunity galore for you to make your mark on the industry. 

Get amongst it at one of the countless networking events held around the world. At any time of year, you can bet that there will be a function room within driving distance waiting to be filled with eager professionals and finger food. 

Many virtual events can also be found free of charge, so there’s no excuse for hungry job seekers to make time and up their networking game. 


It may not be applicable to all industries, but if volunteering is available to you then it can be a great tool to get your foot in the door. 

Having some volunteering experience on your resume will show employers that you’re passionate about what you do and that you’re willing to work for the joy of it. 

The same goes for internships which are certainly available to a wider range of industries and offer great experience to young professionals. 

You may be surprised how much can be learned over a 3- or 6-month internship and how much it increases your value to employers. 

Contact MP Training

It can be daunting trying to upskill and stand out in a busy job market. Not everyone has the confidence and dedication to put in the extra work, but we have the team to encourage each job hunter into action. 

Get in touch with our friendly team and take the first steps toward your next career move.

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