Most Promising Careers in 2023

16 Jan, 2023

There have been all kinds of shifts to Australia’s labour force over the past five years. We’ve seen a pandemic, a new federal government, a close call with economic recession, great technological advancement, and what’s been coined the Great Resignation.

In step with these life-altering events, workers are prioritising themselves, their families, and their wellbeing over that of their employer.

The result: an enormous shift in the profile of Australia’s workforce and new gaps to be filled. 

As a provider of professional recruitment training and support, MP Training & Recruitment has been excited by these developments and we’ve already noticed a shift in the jobseekers who approach us.

So, this blog offers you similar advice to what we provide our valued customers – a compilation of our projections for 2023 and the positions that Australia needs to fill as soon as possible.


Following the pandemic, it may come as no surprise that healthcare and social services staff sit atop this list. 

While we thanked our doctors and nurses for their services during the worst of the pandemic, watching them work overtime and putting themselves at great risk, the strain of these past years was too much for some. 

In the United States, the American Hospital Association estimated that job vacancies for nurses increased by 30% between 2019 and 2020. 

Never fear, however, because the Australian healthcare industry is already rebounding strongly. 

With more than 2 million employees in the industry, it’s estimated that another 301,000 will join the ranks by November 2026 – a growth rate of 15.8%.

If you’re inclined to help others and can stomach the nitty-gritty of everyday life in the healthcare system, there is sure to be an opportunity waiting for you.


In the Australian Government’s 2022 Infrastructure Market Capacity Report, it was reported that the 5-year infrastructure pipeline had grown by $15 billion over the previous 12 months.

There are currently over 1.2 million people employed in Australia’s construction industry, with employment growth of 5.8% predicted for the next five years.

This demand will create all kinds of jobs for budding tradespeople, as the Government attempts to deliver on a range of significant promises. 

If you’re interested in working as a carpenter, electrician, plumber, concreter or a whole host of other jobs, there is sure to be room for you in the construction industry.

Professional, Technical and Scientific Services

If it sounds like a broad industry that’s because it is. The professional services industry includes anything from accountants to software developers, solicitors, or advertising experts. 

According to the Australian Government’s Labour Market Insights, the industry is projected to grow by 16.8% over the next five years, presenting plenty of opportunity in 2023.

Of all the sectors in this industry, computer system design is easily the highest employer, followed by legal and accounting services, and architectural engineering.

There is sure to be a job available in this industry through our website, so make sure to keep an eye on our careers page.

Need Something New?

MP Training & Recruitment is passionate about matching potential employees with employers.

If these industries don’t pique your interest, there are plenty more growth opportunities waiting to be discovered in 2023. 

Let us know what makes you tick and how you like to blow off steam and we’ll pair you with the perfect workplace.


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