The Hidden Job Market

12 Dec, 2022

In Australia, for the 12 months ending February 2022, 1.3 million people changed jobs – the highest annual job mobility rate since 2012.

This implies an increasing demand for positions as jobseekers flock to job boards like Seek, Indeed, and Jora, or recruitment agencies like MP Training & Recruitment.

What these people may be unaware of is the alternative pathways into a new job. 

Professional recruitment training and support are all great steppingstones to a job, but if they don’t herald any results for you, then tapping into the hidden job market may be your next best bet. 

If you haven’t heard of this concept before, allow us to introduce a new perspective on job hunting. 


The hidden job market is effectively a concept that requires the jobseeker to be more proactive about their search efforts. 

Instead of simply searching up your preferred role, salary and location in a job board, the hidden job market rewards those who go the extra mile. 

Some jobs aren’t publicly advertised and are actually filled before they will appear somewhere like Seek. 

That’s why it’s important to stay well connected in your industry so that you can hear about opportunities before your competitors do. 

Networking is the first and best example of tapping into the hidden job market. 

Ask your friends and family, attend networking events, and say yes to more opportunities as they arise instead of waiting for the perfect position. 

These connections are sure to land you an interview the more you make it known that you’re on the hunt.

Just be sure that you’re connecting with the right people who know what you want and how to find it. (I.e., Your long-retired Aunt Mary may not be the best point of contact for a job in social media management).

Internal Recruitment

You may be lucky enough to work for a big company where there are opportunities to move into other roles. 

If you’re becoming burnt out in your current job, it may be worth asking your boss if there are other roles available for you to pivot into. 

A promotion in your current department, or a total career change could all be possible within your company and remove the need to apply via the usual avenues. 

In your employer’s favour, it also removes the need for them to pay for advertising and the time taken to conduct multiple interviews.

Make the First Move

If nothing else is working on your job hunt, it’s always worth envisioning your dream job and just going for it. 

Contact that dream company with a sparkly new resume, an impressive cover letter, and the confidence of the perfect employee. 

Outline the kind of role you’re looking for and why you see yourself working well for the given company. 

In an ideal world, the company will have a position available for you and will offer you an interview – what a dream! 

The next best result is that they keep your contact details and will make you their first port-of-call the next time any suitable roles become available.

Contact MR Recruitment & Training

It can be tough out there for a job hunter. The hidden job market is a great option for well-connected, outgoing employees, but it may not be for everyone. 

If you’d prefer to hand over the search to the professionals, make sure to contact MR Recruitment & Training and we’ll find you the perfect position as fast as possible.


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